UNLEASHED – cast read-through


UNLEASHED (Section II: Extract)

It was the kind of thing erm. Sat down. Erm. On the sofa. He went away. He came
back. There was a blindfold. He didn’t want me to know how to get, upstairs. Erm.
Then there was. He stripped me down. Cuffs were put on my hand wrists and my
ankles. And, I was led upstairs, by is voice. So it was kind of really, thinking that’s
the one thing I really don’t like it’s not being able to, know where I’m going. Or do
anything so kind of was really freaks me out. Erm. An then he basically just kind of
took me on a whirlwind tour of everything that he did. Erm. Introduced me to poppers
and sex. Never had done that before. Gas mask, canister. Poppers in the canister. Left
it on. Properly like kind of. Wasn’t a chastity cage involved but there was this kind of
like leather, strapping that he had, attached to my cock for all for the whole thing. He
usedErm. Really tight. Is interesting, erm, really quite early on in it. He made me rim
him for ages. An it wasn’t til afterward that he told me, the rimming’s the thing that
makes him cum an so he came quite early on. An was using his cum as lube for all the
toys that he used on me?

Three Males and Many Stories

After a long but productive casting weekend, we’ve finally cast two actors and a singer for UNLEASHED. The candidates were asked, amongst other things, to tell us the most shocking thing they had ever heard – which yielded some extremely interesting stories!

Congratulations to Kris Belligh, Ken Christiansen and Simon Prag, who will be playing the roles of Male 1, Male 2 and Male 3. We’re really looking forward to working with each of them, and their details can be found on our Biographies page.

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Calling all guys who sing, act or play the violin!

Casting for our anti-opera has now begun – we want to spread the word far and wide to get really interesting people involved in this production.  Check out the casting calls here, and circulate to your singing, acting, violin-playing friends!

Four posts are being cast:

Male Singer/Actor

Male Actor

Two male violinists

Deadline for all is 18th June.  Auditions on 22nd and 24th June.

Funding for Unleashed

It’s been a great easter weekend: we’ve just got news that the Fidelio Trust have pledged £3500 in support of Unleashed – a really generous sum and the full amount we asked them for. Can’t wait for more trusts to get involved!

Thanks very much Fidelio.